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Revolutionizing Technology with Innovation and Expertise 

Since its founding in 2011 by Christoph Hoffmann, JC Information Management has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the world of technology. With groundbreaking solutions like NEVONEX, which won the prestigious Silver Medal at AgriTechnica, and EffiLink, recipient of the esteemed "Outstanding Security Performance Award," JCIM has raised the bar for innovative developments in the industry. 


A Journey of Innovation 
Christoph Hoffmann, the visionary behind JCIM, has a unique background that has shaped his path to creating value for people. Starting as a lifeguard and sailing instructor, Hoffmann sought a more fulfilling way to make an impact. With a foundation in mathematics and computer science, he became a pioneer in fields like Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things. 

Empowering B2B Companies 

Today, Christoph and his exceptional team leverage their expertise to empower B2B companies in identifying and developing highly profitable digital products in record time. Through an effective process that connects insights and strengthens customer relationships, JCIM ensures that each project achieves its set goals. By seamlessly integrating these digital solutions into existing systems, JCIM's customers become trailblazers in their respective industries. 

Fostering Innovative Solutions 

At JCIM, our core focus is on assisting companies in becoming market leaders by fostering innovative solutions. From product identification to portfolio integration, JCIM handles the entire process, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients. We believe in the power of measurability and strive to emphasize its importance, as we firmly believe that "you can’t manage what you can't measure." 

The Perfect Partner for Successful Digital Transformation 

For companies that are unsure about identifying and implementing digital offerings, JCIM is the perfect partner. With our guidance and expertise, businesses can prove the success of their digital products and effectively convince top management. JCIM stands for real change, and we are committed to being the ideal partner for a successful digital transformation. 

Join us on this exciting adventure of innovation and together, let's push the boundaries of technology and create a future filled with endless possibilities. Contact JCIM today and let us help you unlock your true potential. 

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